Meeting with Pålplintar AB in late August 2018, Nykvarn suburb of Stockholm

At the meeting there was a discussion of the supply of a concrete plant in the winter performance of 80m3 / h this year. The SumabT-80 is a prefabricated concrete plant that is ideal for construction companies and (or) building materials manufacturers who want to get not only high productivity of the plant, but, above all, a high level of quality of the produced concrete.
6 warehouses of inert materials. Each bunker is 20 m. The dosing system is 1500 \ 300 kg, weighing sensors. The conveyor for the supply of inert materials is located under the warehouses and has a length of 11.000 mm and a width of 800 mm. Supply of inert by opening pneumatic dampers of inert stores.
Total volume of inert with additional sides more than 180 m3. Humidity detectors are installed.
Skip system. Inert materials are amenable from storage depots to Skip 3000 liters.