SUMAB T-15 (Economy class) stationary concrete plant is the perfect solution for you! It works splendidly on small or medium projects! Start your own profitable concrete business today! This plant is a real money maker.

Main data:

  • Turbine type concrete mixer 330 liters of output of fresh vibrated inserted concrete;
  • Construction type: in line hoppers 8 m3each;
  • Coming construction for support;
  • Height of overhang [exhaust] 2,5 m (or more by request);
  • Nominal production of capacity of 15 m3/h of fresh vibrated inserted transporting concrete in continuous work (based on 60 sec continuous cycles);
  • 3 types of aggregates;
  • Weight dosing of cement, aggregates and liquid additives;
  • Volumetric dosing of water;
    Control by manual and automatic [by computer Siemens] with 100 different programs [different concrete mixtures];



  • Model SUMAB T-15
  • Production capacity of wet concrete based on 30 sec mixing time 15 m3/h
  • Ambient oversea height Until 1.000 m
  • Ambient temperature for work -10 to 50 °C
  • Working temperature of machines inside of plant 5 to 35 °C
  • Maximum allowed wind 120 km/h
  • Power supply 380-420 V, 50 Hz [EC standard]



  • Volume size of mixer’s drum 500 l
  • Output of fresh vibrated inserted concrete 330 l
  • Nominal production capacity of concrete 15 m3/h
  • Diameter of mixer’s drum 1550 mm
  • Maximum weight of concrete 800 kg
  • Engine power for mixer 11 kW
  • Engine power for hydraulics 1.5 kW
  • Output doors 1 pcs
  • Covering of bottom – thickness/quality 10 mm / Hardox 300
  • Covering of walls – thickness/quality 10 mm / Fe 520
  • Maximum size of aggregate 60 mm
  • Weight of mixer with skip 1 850 kg
  • Number of mixing hands 4 pcs
  • Number of scrapers 2pcs


Concrete plants SUMAB are a guarantee of quality, durability and reliability. Batching plant is produced on Scandinavian technology, using components from leading European manufacturers!
Scandinavian quality at the best price!
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