SUMAB International Business Forum in Almaty: Construction, production and investment have become the focus of attention!

SUMAB International Business Forum in Almaty: Construction, production and investment have become the focus of attention!

On May 16, Almaty hosted an exciting International Business Forum dedicated to current trends in business, including construction, production and investment.
The forum attracted the attention of representatives of construction companies, leaders, associations and unions of builders from more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He raised topical issues such as advanced technologies in the international construction industry, innovations in the production of building materials and concrete products, as well as issues of green energy and efficient use of energy resources.

The Forum is organized by the Swedish company Scandinavian & UK Machines AB (SUMAB). This is a reliable partner that provides a full cycle of work on the production, supply and post-warranty service of modern concrete equipment and more. The company has supplied more than 500 plants worldwide.

The forum participants were the leading Spanish manufacturing companies Moldtech and Frumecar, the manufacturer of pallets for vibropresses Polblat Poland, the manufacturer of house kit technology CUBY Belarus, the manufacturer of crushing equipment Barford Ireland, the technological company without cement production Nu-Rock Australia. Also, a representative of the Swedish company SUMAB made a presentation on stationary vibrocompression lines for the production of concrete products, which the company has been producing for more than 20 years, and on other products.

Modern trends in the development of the construction industry were highlighted. Production solutions that will shape the future of the construction and manufacturing industry are considered and proposed. Particular attention was paid to interstate partnership in the creation of joint successful projects.

In addition, visitors to the event received valuable advice from investors, leasing companies, banks, associations and Chambers of Commerce and Industry on the development of a full cycle business model, investments and promising partnerships.

The forum has become an excellent starting point for the development and strengthening of international business cooperation both in Kazakhstan itself and far beyond its borders.

We are waiting for all guests of the Forum already in Tashkent in February 2024!