The project on delivery of SUMAB R-1500 to the company Toyota Kohki Co. Ltd. Tokyo, Japan.

In May 2017, the company «Scandinavian & UK Machines» started the project  on delivery of Stationary concrete block production line SUMAB R-1500 to the company “Toyota Kohki Co. Ltd.”  Tokyo, Japan.

With a stationary machine SUMAB R-1500 You can produce the following products: empty blocks, curbstones, paving stone, tiled stone


Capacity (per shift):
Paving stone (10x20x6 cm) – 2000-2600 m2
Hollow block (20x20x40 cm) – 23000 pieces
Curbstone – 2800-4000 pieces depending on the size of the curbstones, without or with face mix.
Pallet size max: 1400×1100 mm.

Useful area max: 1300×1050 mm.


SUMAB R-1500 equipped with automatic finger-system.
Automatic finger-system – automatic robot-machine to move fresh products after vibropressing from elevator in the drying chamber and back to loverator.
Stationary concrete block production machines SUMAB are a high quality equipment for production all types of concrete blocks, curbs, pavers,  and insulated blocks  according to European standards.